Anime That Questions You Being A Furry

    There’s a niche sub-genre in Anime that has gained more and more attention over the years: anime with animal-like characters. These Anime, featuring human-like animals or animal-like humans, often make us question the very nature of humanity and our connection to the animal kingdom. From the psychological depths of Beastars to the historical fantasy of Spice and Wolf, these anime challenge viewers in unexpected ways. Let’s explore some Anime That Questions You Being A Furry.


    Anime That Questions You Being A Furry - Beastars

    Beastars takes us into a world where human-like animals coexist in a civilized society, mirroring human social structures. The series primarily follows Legoshi, a timid gray wolf navigating the complexities of life in a society rife with species-based discrimination and social tensions. It delves deep into themes of identity, societal expectations, and the primal instincts lurking beneath the surface of civilized facades. Beastars explores the conflict between one’s nature and the roles imposed by society.

    Spice and Wolf

    Set in a charming medieval world, Spice and Wolf introduces us to Holo, a wise wolf deity with the appearance of a young woman. The story revolves around her journey with a traveling merchant, Kraft Lawrence. This anime beautifully blends economics, romance, and mythology, presenting a narrative that’s as intellectually stimulating as it is emotionally engaging. Holo’s character, caught between her animalistic nature and human-like emotions, offers a unique perspective on what it means to be both wild and wise.

    Odd Taxi

    Odd Taxi stands out for its unique storytelling and character design. It follows a walrus taxi driver in a city inhabited by human-like animals. The series is a compelling noir, full of mystery and dark humor, exploring themes such as social isolation, the search for meaning, and the interconnectedness of lives in a modern city. The use of animal characters adds a layer of allegory and symbolism to the narrative, making it a thought-provoking watch.

    Uma Musume Pretty Derby

    Uma Musume Pretty Derby takes a lighter approach, blending sports and idol elements into a unique concept where horse girls – human-animal hybrids with the speed and endurance of racehorses – compete in races and idol performances. This anime is an entertaining blend of competition, friendship, and personal growth, all set in a vibrant world that creatively melds human and equine characteristics.


    A classic in the genre, Inuyasha blends historical fantasy with romance and action. It follows Kagome, a modern-day high school girl, and Inuyasha, a half-demon dog, as they journey to recover the shards of a powerful jewel. The series is a wonderful exploration of themes such as acceptance, love, and the constant struggle between one’s human and demonic sides. Inuyasha’s character, torn between two worlds, prompts viewers to contemplate the duality of human nature.

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