BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense. Season 2 Review

    Starting season 2, sees the Maple Tree showing off why they follow their guild master so readily. Continuing the first season’s exploits, Maple, the shielder who doesn’t like being hurt, opens up with what has come to be one of her best moves yet… …Atrocity. If you have come from the previous season it might not be surprising that the rest of the guild feels somewhat useless when Maple enters combat, and let’s face it who would want to interfere with ‘that’? Here is our BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense. Season 2 Review.


    As stated in the first season’s review, there isn’t really a storyline that drives the series, the show is just about gamers wanting to have fun. Season 2 kicks this up and puts it at the forefront once more, however, it reiterates the fact that fun is the priority. This is best seen when Maple sees the other side of Mii, and when the enemy guilds team up to fight side by side in the many encounters throughout season 2.

    The developers make a sort of bigger impact this season as well by adding a new member to their ranks and learning that Maples’s unpredictability might not be as it seems. An example of this is when Maple dives into the mouth of a dragon to kill it at close range. Where it is an unpredictable outcome for the developers since they never thought anyone would jump into its mouth, Maple is the exception.

    Where this might be a simple and basic concept the story is an entertaining one which spans over another 12 episodes during season 2. There are plenty of fantastic parts just like in season 1 but we don’t feel like giving the better ones away in this review, so we included some “Food for thought” below to help you think about what Maple Tree gets up to.


    Throughout the first season and into the second we learn some interesting things about the guild as a whole, however, season 2 kicks things up by showing us other sides to all its members, later on in some cases, by adding animal familiars to the game and letting players tame them.

    One of the best developments in the season, however, has to be Sally. In the first season, we learn early on that Sally can’t cope with scary things, in season 2, one of the floors is dedicated to horror. Although a proud member of Maple Tree, this was one obstacle that she could not conquer, that being said she does bring it back later with some new tricks.

    Although Sally might show the best development, that’s not to say that Maple and the other members don’t show enough. It’s just once you are used to how Maple works it’s pretty obvious that she’s going to get some crazy new skills and abilities that will make her even harder to kill. Pandemonium and Invitation to the Ocean Floor are some of the most interesting ones that are shown in this season.

    Out of all of the characters in season 2 Kuromu probably became a more prominent part of the team, being “no different than a zombie” must have its perks, and considering that he felt like a “shitty version of Maple” in season 1 he really makes his new abilities and skills his own in season 2.


    Throughout the series, not just season 2, the artistic style and approach are pretty uniformly handled, however, season 2 episode 3 has a pretty big sin. There is plenty of anime out there which break the illusion of the artistic style by utilising 3D, unfortunately, Bofuri uses 3D during one obvious combat sequence.

    Although the artistic style is not compromised and the flow works reasonably well, this one episode throws you off because it is so obviously CG. That’s not to say it is bad or even enough to put viewers off watching the series it is just a little irritating, at least for myself.

    Overall the quality is good and the flow of the episode is not broken. The style is good and is almost reminiscent of an anime game cut scene, in quality, so we don’t have any arguments, however, the fact that it is clearly CG was the shocking thing. We are looking at you Berserk 2016!

    Honestly, Bofuri does a way better job than Berserk in my opinion however this could be because the Anime Style is not lost in Bofuri.


    Overall the second season is just as good as the first if not slightly better. The characters are well-rounded and versatile, the action sequences are well-choreographed showing off the skills and abilities of each character remarkably well and the variety of battles is good. Seeing more of the developments was nice as well, where they seemed like a small part of the overall flow in season 1, season 2 brings them forward and more into the light, showing each has an important role to play on the team, and even the newest member has an important part to play. The conclusion to the season was about as good as one might think but easily better than the season 1s conclusion.

    Really all this guy makes us think is Cthulhu from H.P. Lovecraft and how he looks so like him, but in true Maple Tree fashion the bigger they are the easier Maple can take them.

    As a final note, although it is not touched on in the review the feel of the anime is more reminiscent of Fairy Tail in this season than before, more prominently in the post-Grand Magic Games Arc/ Tartarus Arc. This is more because no matter who Fairy Tail has at their side they always come together as a “Family” even with other Guilds in Magnolia. Maple Tree is no different and Maple forms good connections with all top guild members (of importance) and treats them like they where her fellow guildmates.

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    Starting season 2, sees the Maple Tree showing off why they follow their guild master so readily. Continuing the first season's exploits, Maple, the shielder who doesn’t like being hurt, opens up with what has come to be one of her best moves yet......BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense. Season 2 Review