Castle In The Sky Review

    Castle In The Sky is a Ghibli classic where Sheeta and her new friend try to stop the army from going to the castle in the sky. Here is our full Castle In The Sky Review.

    The movie was released in the Summer 1986 anime season. Castle In The Sky was animated by Studio Ghibli, also known for Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro.

    After 40 years, this movie still holds up to be an amazing viewing experience. I never watched a Ghibli movie before this, and I can now finally understand why they are still one of the best today if the quality is just as good as this. The main visuals do feel a tiny bit outdated, but it also gives the movie a lot of character that you dont really see nowadays.

    The story is about Sheeta, a girl who escapes some evil guys that get help from the military to try to find a mysterious castle in the sky, Sheeta is the key to finding that castle but she manages to escape. During her adventure with her new friend Pazu, she gets hunted by both the evil guys but also some sky pirates. Of course, not everything is what it seems and they also make some other friends while on the run that help them stay out of the hands of the bad guys.

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    It’s a simple but great story, but the setting is what makes it unique and stand out. Other than Ghibli’s other movie “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” I’ve not really seen a setting like this before so I can’t wait to see other Ghibli movies now just to see what special stories they are cooking up. It’s just so visually pleasing and every time they switch to a new location I feel like I really have to take in the view with its details.

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    A timeless classic

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    A timeless classicCastle In The Sky Review