D-Frag! Review

    D-Frag! is about Kenji Kazama and his new friends that he got when he was forced into the Game Creation Club at their school. Here is our full D-Frag! Review.

    The anime was released in the Winter 2014 season with an OVA that came out the same year. D-Frag! was animated by Brain’s Base and based on the manga of the same name. Brain’s Base is also known for anime like School Babysitters and more recently “To Your Eternity”.

    I’m not sure why I started watching this anime, it was randomly on my watchlist after I opened it for not having really looked at it for a while. It might have been due to the name, or because it was a school show about gaming. Either way, I was happy I watched it because it was a blast to watch.

    The characters are kinda surface level in the beginning and feel so stupid, but funny, but over time you do feel like they develop both in a mature way, for some at least. Every character gets introduced with an element unless you are the main character Kenji, he gets forced into the group and gets told he got a foot fetish, for not really any reason, but it was funny either way. During this “elemental introduction,” the main character gets both tazed and waterboarded to try and get him to join the club, sounds terrible, but it was funny the way they presented it.

    One of the main characters, Roka the president of the club, has major Umaru-chan vibes at times she would turn into a chibi character and do stupid stuff. Her element was fire and darkness, she would set a curtain on fire and put bags over people’s heads, something that is a recurring thing and the start of a lot of things that happen in the anime.

    Somewhere midway through the season, another member gets added to the club, kinda a comic relief character but I didn’t like him, but I was happy to see that after a bit he got kinda forgotten, not just by the writers and me, but also the characters in the anime.

    Takao’s gameclub kinda gets forgotten after a bit as well, would have liked a bigger rivalry between the 2 groups. It was nice when the people of that club did show up for things and they did on multiple occasions, but I just wish it had more conflict with the main group.

    The last few episodes were for me the worst ones. I just didn’t like the 3rd year people much other than their looks. Those episodes also felt like they took forever to actually end, not sure how long this arc was, but it was too long either way.

    I was sad to see it never got a 2nd season, the end had a lot open to work with. Roka asking the 3rd year girl to join the club left me feeling that that was going to be the main vocal point of season 2, but I guess not. The ending felt like there could have been more, especially after that weird after-credits scene where the teachers do something with a skull that lighted up and left us with a cliffhanger.

    If you do want to continue the series you can because the manga is still being released at the time of writing. Want to read more reviews? Check out our Review Tab. Please let us know what you think about the anime below.


    For a school anime, this really is a super enjoyable and the humor never gets boring.

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    For a school anime, this really is a super enjoyable and the humor never gets boring.D-Frag! Review