Irodorimidori Review

    Irodorimidori tells the story of how a school band got made and their process of trying to win a school competition. Here is our Irodorimidori Review.

    The mini-series started airing in the Winter 2022 anime season. Irodorimidori was animated by Akatsuki, also known for Hinamatsuri and High School Fleet.

    The story of Irodorimidori is short but sweet, there are 8 episodes all being around 3 minutes long, so a big story is not it, but it does a great job telling one in the time they did have. It’s about a group of high school girls who are coming together to form a band to win a school competition, but besides that, they also become great friends with each other. Some of them haven’t met before, but that doesn’t stop them from learning about each other and bringing their talents to make the group better.

    Each episode is its own contained mini-story, sometimes they try to make a song, other times they practice and there is one where they come up with the name. With the short runtime, this is probably best, because otherwise, I don’t think it would be able to really do anything, but I do wish it was longer at times. All the characters are just fun and their interactions made me just want more.

    Irodorimidori Review - episode 7

    The anime is about the band, so of course the music has to be great, and it sure is. Especially the song they have been working on for the competition is absolutely amazing and worth putting in playlists. The visuals are also pretty good, there are not a lot of characters, but the main characters all look perfect and instantly give a feel of what they could be like as well.

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    A great watch if you are looking for something short to watch within half an hour.

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    A great watch if you are looking for something short to watch within half an hour.Irodorimidori Review