Laid-Back Camp Watch Order

    Laid-Back Camp is about a group of girls who are in a camping club at school and learn about camping. The anime is based on the manga of the same name. Here is the full Laid-Back Camp Watch Order.

    The anime has been airing since Winter 2018 and has multiple seasons, extra episodes, a movie, a few shorts, and a 3rd season that is announced as well. Having so many things can make watching all the content in the right order a bit hard sometimes. So we are here to help you out!

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    Laid-Back Camp Chronological Order

    1. Laid-Back Camp Specials – Episode 1
    2. Laid Back Camp – Episodes 1 – 4
    3. Laid-Back Camp Specials – Episodes 2 and 3
    4. Laid Back Camp – Episodes 5 – 8
    5. Room Camp (Shorts Spin-off)
    6. Laid Back Camp – Episodes 9 – 12
    7. Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Specials
    8. Laid Back Camp Season 2
    9. Room Camp: Saunas and Grub and Three-Wheeler Bikes (Extra Short)
    10. Laid-Back Camp: The Movie
    11. Laid Back Camp Season 3 (Not out yet)

    Laid-Back Camp Extra Content

    There is also a tiny bit of extra content, this is not really needed to have seen for the anime, but can be fun to watch.

    1. Hanamori Yumiri’s Beginner Solo Camping (Live-action voice actress camping specials)

    Laid-Back Camp Reviews

    Not sure if Laid-Back Camp is for you? why not check out our reviews:

    Laid Back Camp Season 2Soon*
    Laid-Back Camp: The MovieSoon*

    *Some of the reviews are currently not out yet and will be added when released

    At the time of writing, Laid-Back Camp has a 3rd season coming out in the future. The Laid-Back Camp Watch Order will be updated when new content gets announced and released.

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