Must Watch College Anime

    College life is a transitional period, brimming with challenges, self-discovery, friendships, and new experiences. These worlds perfectly show these emotions and present stories that resonate with some who are now in college or have been there in their youth. Here are five Must Watch College Anime:

    Remake Our Life!

    Must Watch College Anime - Remake Our Life!

    An intriguing blend of the “what if” scenario, this anime touches on the themes of regret and second chances. When the protagonist, Kyouya Hashiba, gets a chance to relive his college days, he ponders on decisions that could alter his future. The series deftly combines elements of romance, drama, and slice-of-life, giving viewers a profound yet entertaining experience.


    Delving deep into the world of college rugby, Number24 not only showcases the thrilling matches but also delves into the friendships, rivalries, and passion that come with team sports. Each character has a story to tell, and their personal growth intertwined with the sport is a captivating watch.

    Honey & Clover

    A timeless classic, this anime portrays the complex emotions and relationships of five college students studying at an art institution. As they navigate love, friendship, and personal ambitions, Honey & Clover effortlessly depicts the bittersweet journey of youth.

    Grand Blue

    Follow the escapades of Iori Kitahara, a freshman diving into the world of diving (and excessive partying), Grand Blue offers comedic relief while subtly touching on the joys and struggles of being a college student.

    Golden Time

    A tale of love, memory, and rediscovery, Golden Time delves into the life of Banri Tada, who starts his college life with amnesia. As he navigates new relationships and endeavors to rediscover his past, the series beautifully showcases the challenges of moving forward while being tied to one’s past.

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