My Hero Academia Season 6 Review

    My Hero Academia Season 6 continues where it left off last season and jumps into action straight away as the most powerful heroes of Japan try to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front. Here is our full My Hero Academia Season 6 Review.

    This season aired in the Fall 2022 anime season. My Hero Academia Season 6 was animated by BONES, also known for Mob Psycho 100 and Fullmetal Alchemist.

    This season really doesn’t take any shortcuts and just goes straight to the action, while last season had set up what transpires in this season, it really could have used a few minutes of recap, I personally didn’t remember that much of last season and was kinda confused at some of the things that were going on, but at the same time, I didn’t really mind because over time it did get more clear.

    All the heroes you know and love are just fighting for a good chunk of the 1st half of the season and it’s awesome. It does suffer from some phasing issues, but any anime that is heavy on fighting has this issue so you kinda have to get used to it if you like this genre. This doesn’t mean it’s right though, because there are some things that could have avoided it. Some characters will die, and it’s honestly pretty sad because I really liked some of them, but with a war this big, it’s impossible to have everyone come alive, and it did up the stakes a lot.

    Then I haven’t even talked about when Shigiraki finally woke up and totally obliterated everything in sight, and I literally mean everything. Even the slightest thing I can talk about will be a massive spoiler, so the story part of this review will keep things vague and as short as I can because if there is any season that needs to be watched, it’s this one.

    Dabi finally also comes up with more about his story and backstory during this time as well, while his twist was a surprise, it did really fit the story really well and is a big shake-up for some of the characters that have to deal with him. After the war, Japan is more like a wasteland that houses people in the hero schools with small settlements where people hide that lost faith in the heroes, but there is 1 hero that doesn’t keep still and travels around trying to take down as many enemies as he can until he drops, and that’s Deku.

    Deku is traveling around with All Might and some others right behind him, but sadly none of his friends are with him and he is all alone, he really gets the short end of the stick and can’t keep still because the danger is around every corner. While all this is going on, his powers are getting stronger at an extreme rate and he even unlocks more powers from the previous heroes that had his power. So during this time we also learn a lot more about those characters and what they can do to help Deku.

    The character development this season is just amazing this season compared to the other ones, while the class of Deku got a bit left behind at times, they also had their fair share of moments, but I’m not sure how next season will be able to top this one.

    The animators pulled out everything they could to make this season look as good as it did and was pleasantly surprised. The major effects came into play at all the right moments and the fight scenes felt like they were actually building up to be better and better with each episode which was also a major surprise because they just topped themselves each episode.

    I’m personally really curious to see where next season will take us, and if you dropped My Hero Academia at any point years prior, I can’t recommend it enough to sit through the lesser parts for this.

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    This season has a bit of everything: a ton of action, character development, and some twists i didn't see coming. The whole season is probably the best My Hero Academia has ever been.

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    This season has a bit of everything: a ton of action, character development, and some twists i didn't see coming. The whole season is probably the best My Hero Academia has ever been.My Hero Academia Season 6 Review