Naruto: Prologue — Land of Waves Arc Review

    The Land of Waves Arc is the 1st arc of Naruto and sets the tone of what to expect in the next 200 episodes. Here is our full Naruto: Prologue — Land of Waves Arc Review.

    This arc aired in the Fall 2002 anime season. Naruto was animated by Pierrot, also known for Great Teacher Onizuka and Black Clover.

    The story of this arc is part intro and part preview of what to expect for the rest of the series, but in the intro, the anime already changes a lot. Naruto starts off really goofy and strange, but pretty quickly, Naruto matures and becomes more serious. The 1st half is okay but it’s not really the main focus of the arc as a whole, the 2nd half is a bit part, but sadly, it is just a bit boring. The majority of the arc is just people standing, thinking, and looking at each other, if you thought it was bad with the Usopp introduction arc in One Piece, this is just like that but a lot worse.

    During the 2nd part, they have to escort someone to the mist town and protect the people helping to make a bridge, but the guy that controls all the trade and made the town poor wants to stop it and hires a ninja known for killing a lot of people. But like I said, during the battle, the majority is just spent talking strats… mid-battle. It does have its moments, but those moments usually get cut short to talk in their own heads again for the rest of the episode. I do like it when things go well, but because the majority is just doing nothing, it’s hard to recommend this anime based on watching just this arc.

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    It has its moments but due to it drags on for way to long most of the time.

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    It has its moments but due to it drags on for way to long most of the time.Naruto: Prologue — Land of Waves Arc Review