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    Anime That Questions You Being A Furry


    There’s a niche sub-genre in Anime that has gained more and more attention over the years: anime with animal-like characters. These Anime, featuring human-like animals or animal-like humans, often make us question the very nature of humanity and our connection to the animal kingdom. From the psychological depths of Beastars to the historical fantasy of Spice and Wolf, these anime challenge viewers in unexpected ways. Let’s explore some Anime That Questions You Being A Furry.


    Anime That Questions You Being A Furry - Beastars

    Beastars takes us into a world where human-like animals coexist in a civilized society, mirroring human social structures. The series primarily follows Legoshi, a timid gray wolf navigating the complexities of life in a society rife with species-based discrimination and social tensions. It delves deep into themes of identity, societal expectations, and the primal instincts lurking beneath the surface of civilized facades. Beastars explores the conflict between one’s nature and the roles imposed by society.

    Spice and Wolf

    Set in a charming medieval world, Spice and Wolf introduces us to Holo, a wise wolf deity with the appearance of a young woman. The story revolves around her journey with a traveling merchant, Kraft Lawrence. This anime beautifully blends economics, romance, and mythology, presenting a narrative that’s as intellectually stimulating as it is emotionally engaging. Holo’s character, caught between her animalistic nature and human-like emotions, offers a unique perspective on what it means to be both wild and wise.

    Odd Taxi

    Odd Taxi stands out for its unique storytelling and character design. It follows a walrus taxi driver in a city inhabited by human-like animals. The series is a compelling noir, full of mystery and dark humor, exploring themes such as social isolation, the search for meaning, and the interconnectedness of lives in a modern city. The use of animal characters adds a layer of allegory and symbolism to the narrative, making it a thought-provoking watch.

    Uma Musume Pretty Derby

    Uma Musume Pretty Derby takes a lighter approach, blending sports and idol elements into a unique concept where horse girls – human-animal hybrids with the speed and endurance of racehorses – compete in races and idol performances. This anime is an entertaining blend of competition, friendship, and personal growth, all set in a vibrant world that creatively melds human and equine characteristics.


    A classic in the genre, Inuyasha blends historical fantasy with romance and action. It follows Kagome, a modern-day high school girl, and Inuyasha, a half-demon dog, as they journey to recover the shards of a powerful jewel. The series is a wonderful exploration of themes such as acceptance, love, and the constant struggle between one’s human and demonic sides. Inuyasha’s character, torn between two worlds, prompts viewers to contemplate the duality of human nature.

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    Irodorimidori Review

    Irodorimidori tells the story of how a school band got made and their process of trying to win a school competition. Here is our Irodorimidori Review.

    The mini-series started airing in the Winter 2022 anime season. Irodorimidori was animated by Akatsuki, also known for Hinamatsuri and High School Fleet.

    The story of Irodorimidori is short but sweet, there are 8 episodes all being around 3 minutes long, so a big story is not it, but it does a great job telling one in the time they did have. It’s about a group of high school girls who are coming together to form a band to win a school competition, but besides that, they also become great friends with each other. Some of them haven’t met before, but that doesn’t stop them from learning about each other and bringing their talents to make the group better.

    Each episode is its own contained mini-story, sometimes they try to make a song, other times they practice and there is one where they come up with the name. With the short runtime, this is probably best, because otherwise, I don’t think it would be able to really do anything, but I do wish it was longer at times. All the characters are just fun and their interactions made me just want more.

    Irodorimidori Review - episode 7

    The anime is about the band, so of course the music has to be great, and it sure is. Especially the song they have been working on for the competition is absolutely amazing and worth putting in playlists. The visuals are also pretty good, there are not a lot of characters, but the main characters all look perfect and instantly give a feel of what they could be like as well.

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    Banned Pokémon Episodes


    The Pokémon anime series, a cornerstone of many childhoods, is known for its adventurous spirit and beloved characters. However, not all episodes made it to air worldwide. Some were banned due to various reasons, ranging from cultural sensitivities to health concerns. Let’s check out some Banned Pokémon Episodes and the stories behind them.

    Episode 38: Electric Soldier Porygon

    “Electric Soldier Porygon” is perhaps the most infamous episode in Pokémon history. It was banned worldwide after airing in Japan causing a health scare. Approximately 20 minutes into the episode, a sequence featuring rapidly flashing lights triggered seizures in hundreds of Japanese children, a condition known as “Pokémon Shock“. This incident not only led to the episode’s ban but also prompted changes in animation production standards globally.

    Episode 252: The Ice Cave

    “The Ice Cave” faced a ban due to concerns over Jynx, a Pokémon character in the episode. Jynx’s original design, with dark skin and large, pink lips, was perceived by some as a racial stereotype, leading to accusations of blackface. Although later versions of Jynx were recolored to purple, this episode remained unaired outside Japan to avoid controversy.

    Episode 18: Holiday at Acopaulo

    Banned Pokémon Episodes - Episode 18: Holiday at Acopaulo screenshot

    “Holiday at Acopaulo” (also known as “Beauty and the Beach”) was initially banned due to its content being deemed inappropriate for a younger audience. The episode featured a beauty contest with suggestive scenes, including one where James of Team Rocket wore an inflatable bodysuit to impersonate a woman with exaggerated features. This episode was later edited and aired in some countries.

    Episode 35: The Legend of Dratini

    “The Legend of Dratini” was banned from international broadcast due to the prevalent use of firearms. In this episode, the Safari Zone warden points a gun at Ash and his friends, and later at Team Rocket. The depiction of firearms and the threatening manner in which they were presented led to the decision not to air this episode outside Japan.

    Episode 377: Shaking Island Battle! Barboach VS Whiscash!!

    This episode was pulled from airing due to an unfortunate coincidence with real-world events. Scheduled to air around the time of a devastating earthquake in Niigata, Japan, in 2004, the episode’s content, which included a storyline about a giant Whiscash causing earthquakes, was considered insensitive in light of the tragedy.

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    Castle In The Sky Review

    Castle In The Sky is a Ghibli classic where Sheeta and her new friend try to stop the army from going to the castle in the sky. Here is our full Castle In The Sky Review.

    The movie was released in the Summer 1986 anime season. Castle In The Sky was animated by Studio Ghibli, also known for Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro.

    After 40 years, this movie still holds up to be an amazing viewing experience. I never watched a Ghibli movie before this, and I can now finally understand why they are still one of the best today if the quality is just as good as this. The main visuals do feel a tiny bit outdated, but it also gives the movie a lot of character that you dont really see nowadays.

    The story is about Sheeta, a girl who escapes some evil guys that get help from the military to try to find a mysterious castle in the sky, Sheeta is the key to finding that castle but she manages to escape. During her adventure with her new friend Pazu, she gets hunted by both the evil guys but also some sky pirates. Of course, not everything is what it seems and they also make some other friends while on the run that help them stay out of the hands of the bad guys.

    Castle In The Sky Review - image 1

    It’s a simple but great story, but the setting is what makes it unique and stand out. Other than Ghibli’s other movie “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” I’ve not really seen a setting like this before so I can’t wait to see other Ghibli movies now just to see what special stories they are cooking up. It’s just so visually pleasing and every time they switch to a new location I feel like I really have to take in the view with its details.

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    Must Watch Comedy Anime


    Anime offers a wide range of genres, among them, comedy. It’s not just about making you laugh; it’s about creating moments that stay with you long after the show ends. Here, we check out five Must Watch Comedy Anime series that bring humor, heart, and a touch of the absurd.

    KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

    Must Watch Comedy Anime - KonoSuba

    KonoSuba is an isekai anime with a twist. It follows Kazuma Satou, a young gamer who, after a rather embarrassing death, finds himself transported to a fantasy world. Accompanied by a goddess, an explosive magician, and a masochistic crusader, Kazuma’s journey is anything but typical. KonoSuba breaks the mold with its quirky characters and situational comedy, making fun of common anime tropes. The show’s brilliance lies in its ability to blend hilarious scenarios with a surprisingly touching narrative.

    Spy x Family

    Spy x Family takes the espionage theme and turns it on its head. The story revolves around Twilight, a master spy who must create a fake family for his latest mission. Enter a mind-reading daughter and an assassin wife, and you have a recipe for endless laughs. What makes this anime stand out is its unique blend of humor, action, and family drama, beautifully woven into each episode. The interactions between the characters, each with their secrets, provide a hearty laugh while also pulling at your heartstrings.


    For those who enjoy a blend of comedy, action, and science fiction, Gintama is a perfect choice. Set in an alternate Edo period where aliens have taken over, the series follows Gintoki Sakata, a samurai with a love for sweets and a disdain for work. Gintama is renowned for its absurd humor, and parodies of other anime and pop culture references. Its ability to switch from gut-busting comedy to heart-wrenching drama is unmatched, making it a must-watch.

    Bocchi the Rock!

    As the newest entry on this list, Bocchi the Rock! has quickly captured the hearts of many viewers. It tells the story of Hitori “Bocchi” Gotoh, a high school girl who dreams of being a part of a band despite her extreme social anxiety. The series combines humor with relatable characters and a sweet story of overcoming one’s fears. Bocchi the Rock! is a testament to how anime can use comedy to explore more profound themes effectively.

    Samurai Champloo

    Samurai Champloo is a unique blend of Edo period backdrop with modern hip-hop elements. The story follows three eccentric characters – Mugen, Jin, and Fuu – as they search for a “samurai who smells of sunflowers.” Known for its stylish animation, great soundtrack, and offbeat humor, the show is a delightful mishmash of cultures and genres. It’s an unconventional anime that mixes historical elements with anachronistic humor and action, making it a unique and enjoyable watch.

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    Naruto: Prologue — Land of Waves Arc Review

    The Land of Waves Arc is the 1st arc of Naruto and sets the tone of what to expect in the next 200 episodes. Here is our full Naruto: Prologue — Land of Waves Arc Review.

    This arc aired in the Fall 2002 anime season. Naruto was animated by Pierrot, also known for Great Teacher Onizuka and Black Clover.

    The story of this arc is part intro and part preview of what to expect for the rest of the series, but in the intro, the anime already changes a lot. Naruto starts off really goofy and strange, but pretty quickly, Naruto matures and becomes more serious. The 1st half is okay but it’s not really the main focus of the arc as a whole, the 2nd half is a bit part, but sadly, it is just a bit boring. The majority of the arc is just people standing, thinking, and looking at each other, if you thought it was bad with the Usopp introduction arc in One Piece, this is just like that but a lot worse.

    During the 2nd part, they have to escort someone to the mist town and protect the people helping to make a bridge, but the guy that controls all the trade and made the town poor wants to stop it and hires a ninja known for killing a lot of people. But like I said, during the battle, the majority is just spent talking strats… mid-battle. It does have its moments, but those moments usually get cut short to talk in their own heads again for the rest of the episode. I do like it when things go well, but because the majority is just doing nothing, it’s hard to recommend this anime based on watching just this arc.

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    Must-Watch High School Anime


    The high school anime genre is a staple in the world of animation, offering a diverse range of experiences from heartfelt stories to hilarious comedies and thought-provoking dramas. These shows not only provide entertainment but also reflect the complexities of teenage life. Here’s a list of some Must-Watch High School Anime that will take you on an unforgettable journey.

    Great Teacher Onizuka

    Must-Watch High School Anime - Great Teacher Onizuka

    Great Teacher Onizuka, is a classic in the high school genre. It revolves around the unconventional and charismatic Eikichi Onizuka, a former biker gang leader who becomes a teacher. His unorthodox methods of dealing with the issues faced by his students, who initially distrust him, make for both hilarious and deeply moving moments. GTO tackles various aspects of the high school experience, from bullying to the pressure of expectations, making it a must-watch for its compelling narrative and unique characters.

    Assassination Classroom

    Assassination Classroom takes a unique spin on the high school setting by introducing an octopus-like creature, Koro-sensei, who becomes a teacher for class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The twist? He plans to destroy the Earth unless his students can assassinate him before the end of the school year. This anime masterfully blends action, comedy, and emotional depth, exploring the relationships between teachers and students and the value of education in a highly unconventional scenario.

    The Quintessential Quintuplets

    This anime focuses on the life of Futaro Uesugi, a high-achieving student who takes up a tutoring job for the Nakano quintuplets – five identical sisters with distinct personalities and struggles in academics. The Quintessential Quintuplets is not just a romantic comedy; it’s a story about growth, understanding, and the bonds that develop when people from different worlds collide. It’s a heartwarming tale that beautifully illustrates the challenges and triumphs of high school life.


    Toradora! is a beloved romantic comedy that delves deep into the lives of its characters. It follows the story of Ryuji Takasu, known for his intimidating face, and Taiga Aisaka, a small but fierce girl. Their initial plan to help each other win over their respective crushes evolves into a complex web of emotions and understanding. The series excels in portraying the turbulence of teenage emotions and the journey of self-discovery.

    Komi Can’t Communicate

    This recent addition to the high school genre has quickly captured the hearts of many. Komi Can’t Communicate tells the story of Shoko Komi, a girl with extreme social anxiety, and her quest to make 100 friends. The series is a beautiful blend of humor and heart. It brings to light the challenges of social anxiety in a high school setting, making it both relatable and inspiring.

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    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Review

    Set in the post-industrial landscape of mankind’s prosperous civilization, this movie illustrates a return to basics where there are technological advancements, but are limited by the world they live in. Nausicaa is set a thousand years after the destruction of the old world where giant warriors devastated and set light the civilizations once home to the human race. Now, just a remnant of the past, and most settlements fall to the entity known to the world as the Toxic Jungle, one valley settlement stands defiant and in peaceful harmony with the new nature that could kill them. Here is our Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Review.

    The story is magnificent but puzzling at times. On one side you have the Valley of the Winds population, and on the other, you have the battling nation of Tolmekia. In between is always nature, which is mainly the insects and Ohm, from the viewer’s point of view it is hard to say who is in the right other than Narsicaa since she embodies the balance between the world and mankind perfectly.


    Opening up this movie you are introduced to a time, after the fall of the industrial buildings, and the age of a toxic jungle where not much lives. The initial feeling that the characters emit is that of insects with the mounts that are risen and the somewhat hound appearance, although you can clearly see human aspects.

    Although the world has fallen there is more of an organic vibe, like nature has reclaimed the world. First impressions with the characters included, it feels like it’s a final fantasy. The creatures and everything feel like what you will find in a final fantasy game, however, there is something off about it and you don’t place it until much later. Where everything seems fantastical and magical there are still common themes throughout like firearms, flying machines, and even tanks.

    At first, the story seems to revolve around a legend from the village, however as events unfold it comes to light that it’s more of a lesson that there needs to be balance for the world to function, not unlike real life. Not all share this point of view like Tolmekia who invades the Valley of the Wind and plans to burn the toxic Jungle with the help of an ancient weapon. Although the toxic Jungle is a dangerous place it is a necessary one, and one that Nausicaa plans to protect.

    Character Development:

    Although highlighted as looking like animals, the characters are humanoid and different. Each character has a unique life too, which makes them that little bit more real and alive. Out of all the characters, the rouge-like Lord Yupa who holds sway over everyone is the most impressive. Where the story is Nausicaa’s and she is the heroine, Lord Yupa is equally impressive because he can disarm anyone through reputation alone, as seen in the attack on the village. He single-handedly guards against Nausicaa and prepares to kill her assailant, who is heavily armored, yet without conflict he resolves the situation in a peaceful manner.

    Nausicaa on the other hand has two main states, which are her peaceful state and her agitated. Normally she is a calm character who wants the best outcome for everyone, but sometimes this isn’t possible. The attack on the village is an instance of this second side of her and it’s hard to believe that she can have anything but the caring side she always shows. The other thing about her is her unique power. Before every incident she is the first to sense something or even act, a prime example is when she acts to save the Ohm.

    Although these 2 are important and driving characters within the story there are others who make the story what it is. Characters like the villagers, the army from Tolmekia, and even the insects make the story what it is, without even one of these the story would have flaws.


    Unlike other animated movies, the Valley of the Wind is really something else. Made in 1984 this incredible tale features rather impressive animations and sequencing to tell the tale of Nausicaa, a princess who lives in the Valley of the Wind. There are so many impressive parts that make an impression, however, the best parts have to be the the aerial events.

    The other good part is the sequencing with the Ohm, although they are massive creatures their animation is something extraordinary. In most scenes, they function as fast beasts that have one goal, when in fact they have a more robotic feel with how they move.

    Although we have gone into the visuals of the film there is something else that should be addressed, which is the sounds. Although a lot of the time there is no overarching sound that highlights something happening when there is something it pierces the silence with deafening precision. Most films and even games use this kind of audio cue as a driving force which defines a change in events. With Valley of the Wind, however, this highlights mood changes within Nausicaa almost like her inner feelings are driving the sound cues. The best example is her realization of the Toxic Jungle’s true purpose compared to the beginning of the end battle.

    Additionally, the Cinematography and flow of animated sequencing within the movie can feel, at times, like we have nowadays. This just goes to show the impressive abilities and quality that the animators and artists who worked on Nausicaa had. One thing that can be illustrated, only in combat situations, when slowing down the film is a technique called ghosting. This normally shows the past few frames to help an animator produce the next few events, however, in the below image you can see an example of this Ghosting Technique, although a primitive “be-tweening Frame”, it plays a role in making the film come together. As illustrated there is a slight ghosting happening where Nausicaa is switching keyframes to make the next action, in the instance of the image this is moving to make the next attack.


    Overall the film is an inspiring story of some things that can’t function without the supporting balance. The characters are interesting and diverse, the environments are interesting too. Having mechanical and organic environments with interesting depth and shifting color schemes keeps the film interesting. Considering that it is a pre-Studio Ghibli development it had a lot of what we have seen in Ghibli’s works, including the uniqueness of the tale.

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    Best New Fall 2023 Anime


    As seasons change, so do the new anime lineups, bringing fresh stories, characters, and worlds for us to explore. Fall 2023 has been a particularly strong season, with numerous series making a significant impact. Let’s check out five of the Best New Fall 2023 Anime you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

    Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

    Best New Fall 2023 Anime - Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

    There’s a reason why Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End was voted as the most anticipated new anime of Fall 2023. It tells the tale of an immortal elf named Frieren who embarks on a journey to understand humanity’s fleeting nature, even as she outlives her human companions. Poignant and beautifully animated, this anime addresses themes of time, memory, and the nature of mortality.

    The Apothecary Diaries

    The Apothecary Diaries is a unique blend of historical fiction, mystery, and drama. Set in an imperial court, it revolves around a clever and resourceful apothecary named Maomao. Wrongly confined to the inner palace, Maomao uses her extensive knowledge of herbs and poisons to solve mysteries that arise within the palace walls. For those seeking an anime that combines intelligent storytelling with a hint of romance, this is a must-watch.

    The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

    Breaking away from traditional romance anime, The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You offers a comedic twist. When the protagonist gets a curse that means every girl he dates will face misfortune, he decides to date 100 of them to dilute the curse. The series showcases the complexities and hilarities of managing relationships, with each girlfriend bringing a unique flavor to the mix.

    Undead Unluck

    Enter the world of Undead Unluck, where curses take physical form. The series introduces us to Fuuko Izumo, a girl cursed with “Unluck” – anyone she touches faces grave misfortune. Her life takes a turn when she meets an immortal named Andy, who is on a quest to find a way to die. Together, they embark on thrilling adventures, battling other “Negators” with cursed abilities. Packed with action, the anime also delves deep into themes of fate and freewill.

    Shangri-La Frontier

    A treat for fans of the isekai and gaming genres, Shangri-La Frontier follows Sunraku, a seasoned player who thrives in “crappy games”. When he’s introduced to the virtual reality MMORPG “Shangri-La Frontier”, he dives deep into a world filled with monsters, dungeons, and, of course, game bugs. As he explores, battles, and befriends in-game characters, viewers are treated to epic battles and a captivating storyline.

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    Teasing Master Takagi-San The Movie Review

    This is set sometime after the third season’s events, and set up as a conclusion to the incredible series Teasing Master Takagi-San, the movie closes off the final parts that the series leaves open. Here is our Teasing Master Takagi-San The Movie Review.

    The story opens up much like the series, with callbacks to the series, and set close to summer break. The initial reaction is there is the quintessential factors that were developed over the 3 seasons of the series are lost in the movie, however, this is not the case. Once the opening credits are concluded the customary teasing that the series is reliable for commences. This doesn’t go for as long as you’d expect, instead, it is paced so that other things take the spotlight. This helps with showing off both characters finally opening up and telling one another they will make the other happy forever.

    Though the premise of the story revolves around teasing the movie also serves as another very important role, which the 3 seasons built up to, which is a coming-of-age tale.


    Taking place just before Nishikata and Takagi-San’s graduation from middle school, Nishikata is still determined to get back at her. Their adventure starts because Takagi-San wants to see Fireflies together with Nishikata, all in an attempt to make her dream come true.

    Teasing Master Takagi-San The Movie Review - fire stick

    Although this is the initial adventure this quickly changes to taking care of a young kitten. On the final day of school, on their way home, they find a young kitten and want to take care of it until they can find its mother. Unfortunately, neither can take it home so they make a home for it at the shrine where they found it. After a while, they start getting parental about the little kitten, and subconsciously, this brings Nishikata and Takagi-San closer together. However everything changes when they have to come to terms with letting the kitten go, and Takagi-San takes it the hardest, forcing Nishikata to take the initiative.

    Although the story follows Nishikata and Takagi-San’s adventure together they aren’t solely the focus of the film, the sub characters take a massive role in the film with a more coming-to-terms role than the lighthearted relief that they provide in the series. This is mainly the trio of girls, Yukari, Sanae, and Mina. The other characters Kimura and Takao are in it messing around like normal taking photos for the Yearbook, and the couples Nakai and Mano, and Hamaguchi and Houjou are in the film at the beginning to tie off their retrospective storylines. The only unfortunate factor is that Houjou and Hamaguchi’s story doesn’t meet the ending that is expected as they can’t spend Summer together.

    One of the best parts of the movie is that it cleans up everything, including the years later which is shown in seasons 2 and 3. Once the credits have rolled there is another sequence that plays out revealing the years later when Takagi-San and Nishikata have a daughter and going through the lantern festival, and helps to tie off the final outstanding questions that the viewer has. This is a touching moment as both lead characters have mellowed some and it’s the Daughter who teases Nishikata in this instance referencing back to his and Takagi-San’s time at the lantern festival earlier in the film.


    Throughout the entire series, both Nishikata and Takagi-San develop pretty evenly and have well-rounded designs for the theme of the franchise, however, the movie opens up new possibilities and develops the characters that much more. If you’re coming from the previous seasons in the sequence of events you will know Takagi-San’s feelings towards Nishikata, and Nishikata’s development over the 3 seasons. Without watching the series, although the movie makes sense, it would feel like there is a lot of emotional connection that is lost. The series and Movie do a fantastic job of making the viewer wish for the best possible outcome, however, as the movie highlights it takes some time.

    In the movie, the developments are shown in a different light, most prominently showing them both as parental figures. The movie also shows Nishikata taking the initiative which he starts to do in the final season, however, in the movie he finally speaks his true feelings for Takagi-San.

    Where those might be true, there is only a single thing that is upsetting about the movie. This is because the other couples’ characters, Houjou and Hamaguchi, and Mano and Nakai, do not get resolved. That being said their stories are pretty much resolved at the end of the 3rd season and the beginning of the movie. With this knowledge, it would be pointless to focus screen time on those characters more than needed, on the flip side the trio of girls and Nishikata’s two friends gain a decent amount of screen time. Where the two guys don’t have much in the way of something worth following the trio of girls have unresolved things.


    Overall Teasing Master Takagi-San The Movie has the animation quality that you would expect, from a feature-length film. To pick a single word, it would be superb. It feels like you are watching the series only longer, and the quality feels like it is better in a few of the scenes. If you like the series it would be a shame to miss the movie.

    The animation and audio work well, like in the series and flow exceptionally well. This is shown throughout the movie however some of the best examples are when Nishikata and Takagi-San are in parent roles. In addition to this the principles of animation are handled well to complement the action sequences, the main ones that are prominently seen are squash and stretch. These are regarded as action motions. Below are basic examples of these, the idea is your Squash is the act after the anticipation of the motion whereas the stretch is the reaction to the motion. If this was a ball you would visibly see the compression of the ball in Squash and then the expansion of the ball in Stretch. With this being a character there are a good number of these at any one time, the below was picked for the reason it’s when both characters are parental. Additionally, there is Anticipation which is highlighted below as the Squash, as the timing to get the right frames is difficult. This is the preparation for the action, in this scene’s case, it would be the preparation to run.

    In addition to this, the cinematography is well presented like in the series. There are some sequences where it feels like the cinematography, and more specifically the Rule Of Thirds, is broken, however, these are few and far between. Below is an example of the Rule Of Thirds, which best illustrates this principle. Instead of the focus being on the center of the sequence, you will notice that the grid highlights the 4 key points which are where you’re meant to be drawn.


    To conclude, the movie is the pinnacle of the franchise, and it doesn’t get much better than what is in the movie. It’s full of things that are designed to make the viewer feel and react in ways that complement the developments. Watching the movie out of order would be a shame as it ruins events that unfold over the 37 episodes (36 in English) and therefore would present spoilers. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you watch the 37 Episodes before the movie as it perfectly sets up the events.

    For myself, one of the best parts is seeing Takagi-San in tears and Nishikata comforting her and finally telling her what she needs to hear, although it is not the words she needs. After 37 or 36 Episodes it is a nice change to see Nishikata taking the initiative and comforting Takagi-San.

    In the author’s opinion, the addition of the movie is a nice and satisfying conclusion to an incredible tale full of interesting characters, twists and turns that are unexpected from the beginning. Going into the movie it is a little unclear what to expect however, after a short while it becomes clear that it is designed to be a coming of age and letting go of things tale.

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