No Game, No Life Watch Order

    No Game, No Life is about 2 shut-in gamers that get transported to a mysterious world where everything revolves around games, but not the digital kind. The anime is based on the Light Novel of the same name. Here is the full No Game, No Life Watch Order.

    The anime started airing in Spring 2014 and has a few pieces of side content that take place both before and after the main anime season. This can make watching all the content in the right order a bit hard sometimes. So we are here to help you out!

    Do you see any mistakes or want to talk about the watch order, please leave a comment!

    No Game, No Life Chronological Order

    1. No Game No Life: Zero (Movie)
    2. No Game, No Life

    No Game, No Life Extra Content

    There are also a few pieces of extra content that isn’t really needed but can be fun to watch as well.

    1. No Game No Life: Zero – Manner Movie (Short)
    2. Slaughter Angel Jibril PV (April Fools Short)
    3. No Game No Life Specials (Shorts)

    At the time of writing, No Game, No Life not announced if a 2nd season will come out, since its been a few years since the last piece of content came out it seems unlikely. The No Game, No Life Watch Order will be updated if new content gets announced and released.

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