Rilakkuma Watch Order

    Rilakkuma is about the bear Rilakkuma, his animal friends, his “owner” Kaoru, and their daily adventures. The anime is based on the toy and plush line from San-X. Here is the full Rilakkuma Watch Order.

    The anime has been airing since 2019 and has 2 seasons and has some side content like a music video. We are here to help you to watch things the right way.

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    Rilakkuma Chronological Order

    1. Rilakkuma and Kaoru (Season 1)
    2. Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure (Season 2)
    3. In Your Pocket (Music Video)

    Both seasons are currently available on Netflix due to it being produced by them. The only exception is the music video, this one is on youtube (link in the Chronological order list).

    At the time of writing, Rilakkuma’s 2nd season just aired in late 2022, so it’s currently unclear if a 3rd season will come out. The Rilakkuma Watch Order will be updated when new content gets announced and released.

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