TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Season 2 Review

    Continuing the adventure of Nasa and Tsukasa Yuzaki as a married couple. Still together and still caring for one another, they set off on their journey together meeting friends and making their dreams come true in Tonikawa Season 2. Here is our TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Season 2 Review.

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    This season also introduces the concept of Nasa and Tsukasa being parental figures to a cat, whom Tsukasa, may inappropriately give the name Toast. The season sees Toast and Tsukasa being very alike and the fact that both Nasa and Tsukasa get embarrassed being romantic around Toast is entertaining. Where Toast is only a small character who drives a parental aspect to the couple it is an interesting path to go down.

    This is all very well and good but there are so many interesting parts of this season that it is hard to pin down a defining moment of the season. Although only 12 episodes again, it is packed with parts that could be defining for Tonikawa Season 2.

    Continuing their work on the series, Seven Arcs continues the manga adaptation into Anime, expanding Nasa and Tsukasa’s story and shedding some new light on the mysteries of Tonikawa.


    Season 2 opens with what seems like a flashback to the event that started everything in motion, however, upon closer analysis, this is actually a different occurrence and more like a subconscious memory of the events after Nasa passes out.

    As the season progresses the feeling that is given off is that there is less cryptic information and mystery throughout the events that unfold. This is proven by the introduction of Tokiko, the “mother” figure for Tsukasa.

    Over the course of the 12 episodes, there is a constant theme, however well hidden it is at times, which is a wedding for Nasa and Tsukasa. When this comes to a climax in Episode 11 and is left for future instalments to the anime, we do get to see a makeshift wedding reception set up by Nasa and Tsukasa’s friends. This could be a hint at what is to come, considering the events in Episode 12 having the wishes passed onto Nasa from Tokiko.


    Getting into this season we are formally introduced to a host of new characters, and in the way only Tonikawa can, the stranger the better. The first time this shows is in the second episode when Nasa’s teacher is given a name and introduced to Tsukasa, conveniently one of the best characters is also introduced in the second part of this episode, who is more than a little hysterical in both design and attitude. Although he looks like a yakuza and talks like it, and barring his blond hair, he dresses like the famous protagonist of the yakuza games series Kazama Kiryu, he is younger than Nasa and his relative.

    Although there are new characters, the already existing ones have an entire makeover. This includes Nasa and Tsukasa, who are still a little nervous around each other and with some times that are said, their bond grows deeper throughout the 12 episodes of season 2. The Arisagowa sisters seem to make more of an important role this season, along with their mother, by pushing the protagonists in the early episodes to have a wedding, in which Nasa would see Tsukasa in a wedding dress. This is very reminiscent of the wedding rings incident from season 1.

    However good the early addition is, Ginga, the imitation of Kazama Kiryu, is beaten for the top spot. The reason and character which is by far better is none other than Tokiko. She is such an interesting character although she only has small parts, which gives her an air of mystery and interest. Out of all the new characters she has the biggest input on the outcome of the season and drives Nasa to find out more about Tsukasa. However, this is implicated, this is not implemented in the 12 episodes.


    like the original season, there are some pretty good things that are going for this season. The first of these is of course the opening credits.

    Opening credits:

    like the first season, we need to give some attention to the incredible opening, the song is catchy even if you don’t speak Japanese, and the imagery is more than a little irritating as it shows things that could be seen as spoilers are very good. Personally, I would have liked it if the imagery was not shown as it is, as it either hints or reveals too much that was magical about the first season.

    The Mysteries:

    Unlike our previous season’s review (First Seasons Review), the mysteries that were highlighted were expanded on, not shrunk. Where this isn’t bad, it would have been nice to narrow down the things that were kept secret. If nothing else something was sort of confirmed with the opening and some flashbacks, what these are, we won’t spoil it.

    • What is the real connection with Tokiko?
    • Seriously, is the moon rock that important?
    • Is the Kaguya Legend (The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter) really that important?
    • Why are the opening credits so captivating?
    • What is Nasa’s job?
    • Why reference real-world things so heavily?


    To conclude, this season builds on the previous season’s success in a fantastic way. There are things that I personally found faults with however they can be overlooked because of how exciting and fluid the season is.

    Personally, I would have liked to have seen some more events and gotten more mysterious answers. Where that would have been nice, the hints that are given throughout the season are enough to keep you wanting to know more.


    Continuing the events of the first season, Nasa and Tsukasa deepen their bond with one another and continue their adventure as a married couple.

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    Continuing the events of the first season, Nasa and Tsukasa deepen their bond with one another and continue their adventure as a married couple.TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Season 2 Review